Comparing Dubai between 1973 and 2008

Dubai Universe

Recently, the renowned real estate developer Nakheel revealed satellite imagery of Dubai’s transformation since the 70s and just how it will look post-2008. The images are actually pretty surreal; it’s amazing to think that this project is actually out there right now. Every single time something gets added out there, it becomes more and more appealing. As you can see from the images below, the coastal area has changed dramatically over the last thirty years and looks like pretty much nothing else on Earth. Unless we’re counting the fact that future Dubai will contain an island shaped like Earth.

Alongside these images, Nakheel also revealed a 13 metre-long scale model of Dubai, to further show off just how much the landscape has been transformed. It aims to be a preview of how Dubai will look come 2020 when the current projects are due to come to an end. The World, then the Universe… what next for Dubai?

Dubai via satellite in 1973

Dubai via satellite in 1990

Dubai via satellite in 2000

Dubai via satellite in 2007

Dubai proposed future