A Tunnel from London to New York

Until June 15th 2008, you’ll be able to peer through the incredible Telectroscope and view New York, in real time, all the way from London. Via a tunnel. That runs all the way across the Atlantic.

Telectroscope in New York

Image via Gothamist.

Presented by the excellent creative group Artichoke, the Telectroscope offers a view from Brooklyn Bridge to Tower Bridge and vice-versa. The blurb from their site:

Imagine the impossible… a secret transatlantic tunnel running between New York and London, that has lain undisturbed for a hundred years. And imagine an extraordinary optical device allowing people on one side of the world to see right through it to the other side! Welcome to the world of the Telectroscope – an incredible public art project by British artist Paul St George, designed to provide a window between two great world cities, from Brooklyn Bridge in New York to Tower Bridge in London.

The amazing construction means you can communicate face to face with your American friends right here from SE1. They’ll be white boards on offer to write messages to each other. It at least would offer a glimpse of some nice weather, as we’ve not been so fortunate over the last week.

It’s a really neat idea and the background story does make you do a double-take. I love this sort of thing, despite how easy it is to spell it Teletroscope [sic].

2 thoughts on “A Tunnel from London to New York

  1. Wow!
    it’s good to know that in the middle of the end of the world like we can see, ther’e’s someone that still has good ideas of conecting people!
    congratulations! Amazing idea!

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