For a short tutorial on what subscription feeds are and how to handle them, see my feature on: How to use RSS. Or for a brief summary of its use, see further down this page.

Main Feeds
Feed for all posts All posts (The main feed containing every post from every category)
Feed for all comments All comments (Comments made on every post)

Topic Feeds
Feed for cruise Cruise (Contains only posts related to cruises)
Feed for Disney Disney (Contains only posts related to Disney)
Feed for environment Environment (Contains only posts related to environmental happenings)
Feed for general travel General Travel (Contains only posts about general travel)
Feed for ski Ski (Contains only posts related to skiing)
Feed for tropical Tropical (Contains only posts related to tropical)

Category Feeds
Feed for features Features (Contains only features posted on the site)
Feed for news News (Contains only posts related to travel news)

What are subscription feeds?
They’re a stupidly easy (and free!) way to keep on top of the sites you like, without having to keep visiting.

How do they work?
Just like bookmarks, but better! Instead of just having a single bookmark link, you’ll now be able to see what the latest posts are, without having to visit the actual site.

How do I do this?
All you need to do is click the orange symbol next to the feed you want to subscribe to and your browser will prompt you on how to add it. Easy!

What if that doesn’t work?
It might just be that the current browser version you’re using is a bit old, try using the latest releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. Still no luck? Then try a feed reader such as Google Reader or Netvibes which are specifically designed to organise your feeds.

What, no technical lingo?
There’s a lot of fancy vocabulary that comes bundled with these souped-up bookmarks. If you want to learn about the various standards and how they all work, you’re best off having a look at the Wikipedia page for news feeds. Needless to say, these feeds are compatible with all standards from Atom to RSS.

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