Linde Werdelin Land Instrument

Sometimes you come across gadgets which sound amazing but would never really be of any use to you. Linde Werdelin’s Land Instrument is different because, if you’re a keen skier, it could be incredibly valuable – perhaps even life-saving.

Linde Werdelin Land Instrument

Move aside from the stunning Danish-designed, Swiss-produced Biformeter watch for a second, if you will, and take a look at the small square device beside it. This is the Land Instrument, a robust yet lightweight contraption which slots atop of the watch, but can also be used completely independently and clipped virtually anywhere. It’s designed to offer protection and guidance on the mountainside, by offering several important alerts and searches.

Land Instrument Condition Checks

So you’re all set to go and scope those untouched off-piste slopes of Veriber are you? The Land Instrument offers four fundamental guidance checks for getting the best and safest conditions.

  • Freezing Levels – Combing the use of the built-in temperature sensor and altimeter, the Land Instrument can tell you exactly where it’s best to ski by finding the closest freezing conditions and at which altitude.
  • Built-in Barometer – Taking regular readings, the barometer can not only show you the latest pressure but can also chart trends over a selected time period, enabling you to see whether the conditions look like improving or not.
  • Altitude Tracking – The Land Instrument can tell you the altitude you’re currently at and will log all the information as you go, so that you can check the altitude levels across your whole trip.
  • Compass – The three-axis compass takes accurate readings to keep you right on course.

Land Instrument Alerts

  • Frostbite Alerts – The external temperature sensor is giving accurate readings every five seconds and alerts you with an alarm and display if you drop below -10°C.
  • Avalanche Likelihood – You’re most at risk of an avalanche on 30° – 45° slopes. The Land Instrument’s inclination check can tell you exactly what angle you’re currently at and warns you if you’re in a high risk area.

Records and Logging

  • Heart Rate Monitor - You can track your heart rate in real-time and it’s all recording for trend-checking afterwards. You can even enter your age, gender and weight to view your calorie requirements after a day’s skiing.
  • Logs and Graphs – You can view the temperature, altitude and your heart rate in real-time and the Land Instrument logs all the data for checking afterwards. You can see for example, how many vertical metres you’ve skiied. Better yet, it can all be uploaded to your computer via USB for easier studying.

Linde Werdelin Land Instrument

It’s pretty much all you’d need for heading off to ski in the unknown and the addition of logging all your data and being able to transfer it to your computer completes the package. It’s also an incredibly nice design, that matches with the watch perfectly. It’s just 41g, too, which means you never feel like you’re lugging around a piece of equipment and instead it can fit snugly wherever you choose.

The other big help is it’s simplistic configuration. The fact that there are just three navigation buttons, means it’s never over-complicated and they’re spaced just nicely enough to be usable with gloves on. You can view more information on the Land Instrument at Linde Werdelin‘s official site. Expect it to set you back around £1,300 .

Great Ski Weather in the Alps

Just as you think the ski weather is starting to get a little too thin in the Alps, along comes a rush of the white stuff. Anyone lucky enough to be waking up in Tignes, France today will have opened their curtains to this:

Tignes Webcam - 5th March 2008

I love the way in this image, there is a few deck chairs in the bottom right corner where people can lay back in the sun and watch the white mountains unfold as the clouds float by. This snow has been due for about a week now and I’m glad it’s arrived because a few resorts were really starting to look a bit bare. Their artificial snow machines just aren’t quite the same. Sadly, these current snow clouds are only stopping in for a quick cup of a tea, as they’ll be off again over the next few days. I doubt it’ll be the end of the snow, though. Whatever the case, anyone who’s out there at the moment should be having a sweet time. Hopefully, the good conditions will stick around for those doing a bit of Easter skiing.